Freeman and Pardoe 624 Electro-Magnetic Door Closer


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Product Description

The Arrow Electromagnetic Hold Open or Swing Free series of Fire Door Closers is the ultimate solution to ensure compliance with both Fire Safety regulations and BS8300 and ADM guidelines.

Hold Open Mode

Linked to the buildings Fire Detection system, Hold Open Mode can be used to safely and legally hold open doors throughout a building to aid flow of traffic and provide barrier free access, but upon detection of a fire, releases the door automatically allowing it to close and prevent the spread of flame and smoke.

Swing Free Mode

The Swing Free Electromagnetic Closer allows the door to operate as if no closer was fitted by providing virtually no opening resistance. Linked to the buildings Fire Detection system, the closer can be held open at any angle specified by the user but shuts automatically upon first detection of a fire – preventing the spread of flame and smoke.

Specification –

Electromagnetic Door Closer (links to Fire Detection System); Scissor Arm; Hold Open or Swing Free Configuration; Pull Side (Fig. 1) or Transom Mount (Fig. 61) Fitting Only; Adjustable Latching & Speed as standard

The 623/4/5/6 Fig. 1 / Fig. 61 Hold Open or Swing Free collection of closers are available in the following power sizes and door weights/widths:

Model Number: 623        624        625        626       
Fig. 1 – Body Door Mount Pull (Projecting Arm)    3    4    5    6
Fig. 61 – Body Transom Mount Push (Projecting Arm)    3    4    5    6

Fire Tested: BS EN 1634

Body Specification:

Length (mm)  Height (mm) Depth (mm) Weight (kg)
278 60 46 2.3 / 2.35 (variable by model)




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Silver Finish, Stainless Steel Finish

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