Freemen & Pardoe 324 Cam Action Slide Arm Door Closer


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Product Description

Freemen & Pardoe 324 Cam Action Slide Arm Door Closer.

Description –

Variable Power 2-4 Cam Action Slide Track fire door closer incorporating the UK’s most innovative patented Ease of Access technology.

Specification –

Cam Action Fire Door Closer; Slide Arm; Pull Side Fitting (Figure 1); Transom Mount Option Available (Figure 61)*; Cushion Stop (Backcheck) Available; Adjustable Latching & Speed as standard

Power Sizes:

CE Power Size Maximum Door Weight/Width
2 40kg/850mm
3 60kg/950mm
4 80kg/1100mm

*Transom Mount (Figure 61) Power Sizes are the same as above for Pull Side (Figure 1)

Fire Tested: BS EN 1634

Body Specification:

Length (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm)  
228 50 38

Weight: 1.75kg

Meeting the requirements for Ease of Access

The following table shows the efficiency of the 324 Cam along with its ability to meet the requirements detailed in BS 8300 and Approved Document M (ADM) at varying door widths.

Meets requirements of ADM at these door widths:
Power Setting Efficiency 800mm 850mm 900mm 950mm
3 78% Yes Yes Yes Yes

Minimum achievable door width 781mm

These results for minimum door widths were obtained via third party testing and meet the requirements of BS 8300 and ADM, however external factors such as hinges, seals, air pressure and variable fitting standards and positions may increase opening forces. Where these factors are out of the control of the Specifier, BS 8300 recommends: either the inclusion of an Electromagnetic Door Holder in conjunction with a Standard Door Closer; or alternatively to specify an Electromagnetic Hold Open or Swing Free Door Closer.

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