Application for Credit

    By submitting this form you agree to abide by the Conditions of Sale

    Conditions of Sale


    All accounts are due for payment by the end of the month following delivery, i.e. goods supplied in January, payment to reach Price & Oliver Limited by the last day of February.

    Overdue accounts

    We reserve the right to refuse further deliveries against overdue accounts, and any account 30 days overdue will be automatically stopped. Seriously overdue accounts may be passed to a third party collection agency without further notice.


    Until Price & Oliver Limited has received payment in full of all sums owed to it on any account by the Customer, whether arising out of this or any other contract, legal and beneficial title to the goods will remain with Price & Oliver Limited.

    Breakages and shortages

    All goods should be inspected on receipt and any shortages or breakages should be marked on the delivery note and reported to Price & Oliver Limited in writing within 7 days of delivery. We reserve the right to refuse to acknowledge any breakages or shortages not so reported.

    Defective goods

    Admitted defective goods will be repaired or replaced at our discretion free of charge during the period of the manufacturers’ warranty. We accept no liability for any consequential expenses.

    Return of materials

    We will not accept the return of any goods which have been specially obtained from the manufacturers. In the case of standard stock items surplus to customers’ requirements, we are normally prepared to accept the return of these subject to a minimum restocking charge of 20%, but no goods will be collected without prior agreement.

    Alternatively, download the pdf form, complete by hand and return the completed document as an email attachment to